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Berserk’s Political Intrigues: The Kingdom of Midland


Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy masterpiece, “Berserk,” is renowned for its complex narrative, intricate characters, and the bleak world it explores. One of the central elements that adds depth and intrigue to the story is the political landscape within the Kingdom of Midland. In this article, we will delve into the political intrigues of Midland, examining the power struggles, noble houses, and the influence of the monarchy within the world of “Berserk.”

The Kingdom of Midland

Midland is the primary setting for much of the “Berserk” narrative. It is a feudal kingdom characterized by a rigid social hierarchy and a complex political structure. At the top of this hierarchy is the monarchy, led by King of Midland, while the noble houses and the common people form the foundation of the kingdom’s society.

The political landscape within Midland is marked by tension, rivalry, and the pursuit of power. This setting provides a rich backdrop for the unfolding drama and conflict in the manga.

The Royal Family: King of Midland and Princess Charlotte

The monarchy of Midland is central to the kingdom’s political landscape. The King of Midland, initially King of Midland III, serves as the sovereign ruler and the highest authority in the land. His decisions and policies have a direct impact on the kingdom’s governance and its relationship with neighboring nations.

Princess Charlotte, the king’s daughter, is another key figure within the royal family. Her character introduces elements of intrigue and personal conflict to the political narrative. Her romantic involvement with Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk, creates tension within the royal court and complicates the power dynamics within Midland.

The Band of the Hawk: A Mercenary Force in Service

Griffith’s Band of the Hawk, initially a group of mercenaries, plays a pivotal role in the political landscape of Midland. Led by the charismatic Griffith, the Band of the Hawk becomes a force to be reckoned with, winning crucial battles and earning the favor of the king.

Griffith’s rise to power within the kingdom is closely tied to his tactical brilliance and his ability to navigate the political intricacies of the Midland court. His ultimate goal is to obtain his own kingdom, the “Falcon of Light,” which drives much of the narrative’s early conflicts and alliances.

The Noble Houses: Rivalry and Ambition

The noble houses within Midland are instrumental in shaping the political landscape. Each noble house seeks to advance its own interests and secure positions of power and influence within the kingdom.

The Tudor Saga serves as one of the prominent noble houses in the story, representing a significant threat to Midland’s stability. The rivalry and animosity between Tudor and Midland become a central conflict that drives much of the political intrigue in the manga.

Additionally, the political ambitions of noble houses within Midland create a dynamic and ever-shifting landscape of alliances and betrayals. The precarious balance of power and the constant jockeying for influence contribute to the complexity of the kingdom’s political struggles.

The Eclipse and the Fall of Midland

The Eclipse, a nightmarish event during which the Band of the Hawk is betrayed and sacrificed, marks a pivotal moment in the political landscape of Midland. Griffith’s transformation into Femto, a member of the God Hand, sets into motion a chain of events that culminate in the eclipse and the fall of Midland.

The Eclipse not only shatters the Band of the Hawk but also serves as the catalyst for Griffith’s ascent to power and the eventual dissolution of the kingdom. Midland falls into chaos, and the political structure crumbles in the wake of the devastating event. This descent into darkness further emphasizes the fragile nature of political stability within the world of “Berserk.”


The Kingdom of Midland serves as a rich and immersive backdrop for the political intrigues that unfold in Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk.” The monarchy, noble houses, and the Band of the Hawk all play pivotal roles in shaping the kingdom’s political landscape.

The intricate power struggles, rivalries, and the pursuit of power within Midland add depth and complexity to the manga’s narrative. The fall of Midland, precipitated by the Eclipse, underscores the fragile nature of political stability within the world of “Berserk.” The political intrigues of Midland are a testament to Miura’s storytelling prowess, enhancing the overall depth and realism of the manga’s dark and complex world.

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