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The Tragedy of Griffith: Unraveling the Evolution of a Villain in Berserk


In the dark and complex world of Berserk, one character stands out as a tragic figure whose evolution defies conventional notions of heroism and villainy. Griffith, once the charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawk, undergoes a profound transformation that cements his status as one of manga’s most tragic villains. In this exploration, we delve into the evolution of Griffith in Berserk, tracing the tragic trajectory that shapes the narrative and leaves an indelible mark on readers.

The White Hawk’s Ascent:

Griffith’s journey begins with the rise of the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group led by his strategic brilliance and charismatic leadership. The White Hawk, as he comes to be known, is not just a commander but an inspirational figure capable of rallying soldiers under a single banner. Griffith’s dream of attaining his own kingdom, a realm of his own, becomes a driving force that propels the Band of the Hawk to unprecedented heights of success.

At this stage, Griffith embodies the qualities of a classical hero—a visionary leader with unwavering determination and an ability to inspire loyalty. His charisma, coupled with strategic acumen, makes him a compelling figure, and readers are drawn to the dream he envisions for himself and his comrades.

Betrayal and Eclipse: The Catalyst for Transformation:

The turning point in Griffith’s evolution comes with the Eclipse—a catastrophic event that shatters the Band of the Hawk and alters the course of Griffith’s destiny. Faced with the choice of sacrificing his comrades to ascend to a higher plane of existence, Griffith makes a Faustian bargain with the God Hand, leading to the Eclipse ceremony where betrayal and tragedy unfold.

Griffith’s descent into the role of Femto, the fifth member of the God Hand, marks a radical transformation from hero to villain. The Eclipse becomes the crucible that reshapes his identity, severing the emotional ties that once bound him to his comrades. The narrative decision to depict Griffith’s transformation in such a visceral and horrifying manner underscores the tragedy of his fall from grace.

Femto: The Enigmatic God Hand:

As Femto, Griffith becomes an enigmatic and malevolent force within the Berserk narrative. His cold and calculating demeanor, coupled with a detachment from human emotions, sets him apart from the charismatic leader readers initially encountered. Femto is a symbol of Griffith’s ambition realized at a profound cost—an embodiment of the toll his desire for transcendence exacts on both himself and those around him.

The visual design of Femto, with his dark wings and predatory presence, reflects the sinister nature of Griffith’s transformation. The juxtaposition of the once noble and charismatic leader with the malevolent being he becomes adds layers of tragedy to his character, inviting readers to grapple with the complexities of moral ambiguity.

The Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc: The Ambiguous Despot:

Griffith’s return to the mortal realm, now as the leader of the new Falcon of the Millennium Empire, adds an element of ambiguity to his role as a villain. His kingdom of Falconia, built upon the sacrifice of the Band of the Hawk, raises questions about the morality of Griffith’s actions. Is he a savior or a tyrant? The narrative blurs the lines between heroism and villainy, challenging readers to reassess their perceptions of Griffith.

The juxtaposition of Griffith’s grandeur as a ruler with the horrors of his ascension serves as a narrative device that deepens the tragedy of his character. As readers witness the transformation of Griffith into a figure both revered and feared, the emotional impact of his evolution intensifies.

The Cost of Ambition: The Tragedy of Guts and Caska:

Griffith’s evolution is intrinsically tied to the tragic fates of Guts and Caska, two characters profoundly affected by the Eclipse. Guts, once Griffith’s right-hand man, becomes the Black Swordsman on a quest for vengeance, while Caska experiences trauma that leaves her shattered and vulnerable. The tragedy lies not only in Griffith’s transformation but in the collateral damage inflicted upon those who once admired and trusted him.

The emotional weight of Griffith’s actions becomes a central theme in Berserk, as Guts’ journey for retribution and Caska’s struggle with the trauma of the Eclipse form poignant narrative arcs. Griffith’s evolution serves as a catalyst for their own tragic trajectories, amplifying the impact of his transformation on the overall narrative.


The evolution of Griffith in Berserk is a tragedy marked by complexity and moral ambiguity. From the charismatic leader of the Band of the Hawk to the enigmatic and remorseless Femto, Griffith’s trajectory challenges traditional notions of heroism and villainy. His tragic transformation becomes a focal point in the narrative, inviting readers to confront the darker facets of ambition, sacrifice, and the consequences of pursuing one’s desires at any cost.

Kentaro Miura’s masterful storytelling ensures that Griffith’s evolution is not a straightforward descent into villainy but a nuanced exploration of the human condition. As readers navigate the intricate layers of Griffith’s character, they grapple with questions of morality, redemption, and the inherent tragedy woven into the fabric of the Berserk narrative. In the end, Griffith stands as a testament to the complexity of character evolution in manga—an enduring emblem of the tragic villain who leaves an indelible mark on the readers’ hearts and minds.

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